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My passion about Pet photography begun in 2007, when I started to work with the non-governmental organization "Clube dos Vira-latas". From that time, I do professional photography for them. I think passion can change the society we live.

My goal is to help animals to be adopted, that´s what pushes me to do it. I´ve found out that professional picture of the animals increase the adoption rate. Pictures, when taken using passion allied to technique can touches people deeply on heart, and makes the difference between an animal that will be adopted and one that´s gonna live his whole life in a cage.

The photographer has a great responsibility to make photos transmit the right message, in a missed animals shelter it´s decisive. In my oppinion,is extremely important to promote awareness about that issue, trying to divulgate the situation of the animals on the shelter, where most of them were victim of violence, were left on the streets, and many other kinds of bad things.

So, this kind of "charity" photography has this mission, to inspire a better knowledge about the situation, to people check that a dog from a shelter is not worse than any one. When we work together we can reduce animals with no home. United, we can save a lots of animals in depressive situations, and in paralel, to educate society and change our antropocentric thinking.

A photographer, can change a animal destiny, and the photo, can change social reallyties, conecting and improving the life of animals and people.

I´m very glad I´m the first brazilian photographer and the second one in South America to have the honor to participate "HeARTs Speak". I have just been admitted as a professional member of "HeARTs Speak" team, after scrutiny of a international photographers comission. "HeARTs Speak" is a worldwide association that gathers artists and photographers por the animal cause, who are volunteers for the animal cause.
It´s the biggest global network that gathers artists, photographers, authors, graphic designers, etc, who believe in the cooperation power. For pet shelters and animals protections associations in São Paulo, my job is absolutelly free of charge, because I do so with just one purpose, namely, to do all necessary effort in order to get the most possible animals adoptions.